Saturday, March 26, 2011


selepas kekecewaan bln usual days passing by without waiting for as to me…i know, i cant give up coz there is always hope n ways as long as me n hubby still working on it….n HE knows e’ best for us n HE knows everything what inside n outside of me n hubby…our feelings, emotions, hopes, strengths to go thru all this. may it never fade away frm both of we still can keep our effort go on unstoppable.

this time as per plan..i’m taking e’ chlomid – can’t remember e’ gram..but for 1st trial doc advised me to take e’ small gram together with EPO n acid folic..good to help conceive, which this 2 things has become almost like my supplement vitamins – everyday consumption

other than that, i’m still continuing checking on my BBT temperature….n its already e’ 4th mth..i can see that my cycle is consistent..around 27 or 28 days so basically the fertile period is frm day 12 to day 15…which it means i need to work more harder on those days which is quite tense once a while when u knows that u r doing it for certain reason…e’ enjoying moments is getting harder…but i hv learn lots…i try to relax n think positive..doing it for fun?? not really but IKHLAS…(guess that is e’ right words!!)

beside i do take an initiative to buy an ovulation kit – this kit is to determine when is my fertile days…it easy to understand frm the instructions n its like u r testing for pregnancy…

u can find this in almost all e’ pharmacy – i bought it @ Subang parade Caring Pharmacy, n i’m using it on e’ 12th day of my cycle…

26032011564 this is backside of e’ kit..details instruction attached in.

21032011560  front look of e’ box – 4 test kit = rm49.90

26032011562 so frm e’ reading, when it appears 2 line as above, one darker than another one it means next 24-36hrs is ur fertile time dear…n that is mine!! so be prepared zue!!

26032011563 this is how its looks – 4 packets but left only 3 coz i’m already using it 1. since 1st test already shown e’ sign of ovulation time, therfore i an save 3 test kit for future used….IF still no rezeki for me again this mth…IF not, then say bye2 to it..however it has no expiry date till u open the keep it for nxt TIME.

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