Wednesday, May 11, 2011


pernah anda dibunuh?? erm cliche tajuk ni…tp ni ler keadaan aku skrg…pg2 ni sesuatu dah membunuh aku..perasaan? kepercayaan? kasih sayang? etc…bleh pilih smua or either one or not at all….for me i have an option to choose but not to avoid. berat sgt emosi pg ni..rasa mcm nak menjerit sekuat ati. kalu menjerit tu leh ilangkan emo ni..alangkah bagusnya. tp e’ best way is to solat but again unlucky me, its not my day. GOD pls giv me lots of strength n patient coz i’m really need it NOW n 4ever.

tears fall again..but for a diffnt reason n diffnt situation…i cant’ forget all those written words which has been memorized by me this mng…not intentionally to memorized it all but now its hanging there in my brain…reminding me, interrupting me in wateva ways – n i’m down!!

glad i’ve been given a strong instinct towards all people i love..n rite the instinct helps me a lot…but this time its revealed me towards something. i should bersyukur coz at least i know almost e’ truth even its painful.

let it pass n let it be a lesson to me…trust is not for any person but trust is within u, urself – myself. i trust i can get this pass thru, again its all about time n i’m pray may ALLAh make it ez n fast to e’ burden will go away. AMIN :((

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