Tuesday, August 2, 2011

bonding time {KRABI} – Day 1

after a month of “bumpy” life, its a day for us to spend time together..i’m not sure whether this is a rite time but i pray this will bring us back close to each other..thats y, i call this vacation bonding time…its a bonding time between me n mr hub..i hv gone thru a few sad weekend ever in my life n i hope this vacation can heal my heart n my feelings ..so here is the journey trip.


our flight was at 1.30pm, we make a move frm our house around 9.45am after taking our breakfast n finish up all my housework…(need to assure no rubbish n messy home when leaving out beb..my rules!). we reach my PIL house around 11pm n we already call for a cab to send us to lcct which frm bdr salak tinggi its cost us rm35..huhu..rasa dekat jer dgn lcct tp charges leh thn mahal.

reach lcct around 12.30 n straight check in, then we hv our simple lunch of our homemade tuna sandwich..nyum2. however in e’ flight still we order some heavy food to fill in our half-empty stomach.. :).

m_DSC_0017 m_DSC_0003

reach krabi around 2pm, n we took bus to our hotel which cost us 300thb/2 persons. however along e’ way they drop down few passenger in diffnt place so its drag our time frm 30min to 1hr.

check in to our hotel we took few shot before we messy up e’ room, to show our appreciation n worth of money booking this hotel – e’ cost is rm130nett plus breakfast (for sure simple one since this is not a muslim country – in my mind is bread n egg ONLY as alwiz..hoho)

rest, relax n hv a nap..around 4pm we walk out…frm our hotel to e’ aonang street centre is only 15min walk…so we feel so lucky to choose that hotel, its no so far away frm e’ centre n its locate somewhere out frm e’ suasana bising waktu mlm n kesesakan jalan..yuhuuuuu

                           m_DSC_0068 m_DSC_0057 m_DSC_0058

we decide to straight away find a package for our only day – tomorrow. huhu sad to say this is really a short vacation – 3days 2 nite..so tomorrow is e’ only 1 whole day we hv..e’ next day is only half a day.. :(

1st agent we went in offer 1000thb for phi phi island tour..well actually my plan is to hv island hoping + elephant trekking..but due to short of time n no of days staying here..we juz go for 1 whole day island hoping which is much more worth it. so instead of Hong island hoping we choose Phi Phi island hoping…however while surveying the package we still haven’t change our money. before we depart frm lcct mr hub did ask me to change all e’ rm money we hv allocate for this trip..but wif e’ ex-rate lower due to banking money changer..1rm = 11thb (sort of..cant remember). now we hv to change some more…but so lucky here e’ rate is much more higher 1rm=9thb gitu…hehe happy sgt..

nearby e’ money changer we drop in another agent…actually at aonang street centre hv lots n lots of travel agent..if rajin leh survey smua yer, leh compare n bargain price n lg bagus if u r in a big group..lg byk dpt diskaun..me n mr hub as usual juz guna our term as honeymooners..tp kami dah lack of time..n kaki dah penat plus otak dah beku juga…malas pk..so 2 agent cukup lar..this agent give us 900thb for phi phi island hoping (including: buffet lunch, life jacket, snorkelling device, fruits on e’ boat n unlimited mineral water yer…) suka sgt…so trus ask mr hub book yg ini jer..plus they will come pick us up rite in front of our hotel. caya ar…


kbetulan kat agent outlet tu ada org muslim, kami yg klaparan ni bertanya lar kat mana leh cari kedai mkn halal..ada katanya dekat dgn masjid..ooo, jauh ke idak? mr hub tanya lg since kami berjln kaki jer ni..x jauh..org muda leh jln sambil tgk area ni katanya…ok. kami pun decide tuk jln jer ar….sepanjang perjalanan tu mmg lalu sblah kedai2 souvenir, restoran n cafe..pub kebanyakkannya sblah blakang kedai2 souvenir. so x bepa nak nampak kehebatannya “happening” tu…along e’ way ada restoran tulis halal coz restoran india..erm malas ler..mrk pun bkn muslim, harap hidang mkn vegetarian bleh ar…oo x lalu lar tekak mkn sayur2 jer..x bertenaga nanti..nak jln jauh lg ni. trus berjalan..sambil dlm otak mana ler kedai tu ek n perut pun dah berbunyi juga….

pdg kiri n kanan stelah berjln agak jauh..kami terserempak dgn sorang perempuan bertudung pakai apron tgh duk kat kerusi mkn..so belek lar signboard..yes ada HALAL..tanya ar dlm english..is this muslim restaurant? angguk jer sambil senyum..bleh!! ok ler..mesti x tau nak ckp english lar tu…herm FYI, muslim kat sini mmg x bepa pandai ckp org putih..btw, ni namanya kedai mkn jer..coz mmg x nampak gaya restaurant pun..tp halal tu penting maka kami menjamu selera disitu jer mlm ni. actually kedai ni pun bkn dekat masjid tu..entah mana masjid yg dikatakan tu..x nampak2 lg…jauh lar tu..

erm mkn sedap epsc tom yam kung…hubby siap hirup lg kuah tu..x pedas sgt n x masam sgt..kena dgn tekak dia..bepa kali puji pun x ingat..suka lak tgk mr hub bleh mkn dgn seleranya…kami order side dish kailan ikan masin n ayam sweet sour..n drinks – fruit shake..semua ni cost us 280thb=rm26 gitu..ok lar..berbaloi n kekenyangan…

m_DSC_0100 m_DSC_0095

finish kami bgerak balik sambil membelek souvenir2 yg ada sepanjang perjalanan….sblah mlm byk stall mcm pasar mlm muncul n stall ni plak byk stall muslim yg jual mcm yong tou foo n penkek/lempeng - bhasa kita yer…haha, mmg pernah terbaca pasai kesedapan penkek krabi, nak try perut dah full…esok ajer ok.

m_DSC_0116 m_DSC_0092 m_DSC_0099 m_DSC_0113

                                          {along e’ aonang street}


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