Thursday, July 28, 2011


salam..dah lama x berblogging..selama tu juger actually byk yg berlaku n mostly yg terpahit n tersedih pernah dilalui dlm kehidupan stakat hr ni.

tersedih krn dah x der air mata nak dikluarkan dah…dah penat coz rasanya dah sampai tahap pembaziran…n selbihnya spt x dihargai pula..jd mengapa harus menangis..that is not e’ only senjata pun yg kaum wanita ada..maka finally berserah pdNYA is e’ best way..pray n doa!!

terpahit krn apa yg berlaku terlalu pahit utk ditelan begitu shj..n lastly terpalit dlm hati di satu sudut dimana x mungkin dpt hilang sepantas mungkin..semuga masa dpt mengubatinya dgn berkat dan rahmat petunjuk drNYA juga.

bukan emo tp realiti sbuah kehidupan x slalu indah..n ini yg terjd…kena terima kenyataan n hadapi sebaik mungkin..namun aku juga seorang wanita, ada kala aku terungkit kisah lpas..namun bleh kah sidia memahami?? bkn dgn niat tp kesan yg masih tinggal menjd penyebab utama knp memori pahit terluah.
apa2 pun me n him try to remedy wateva mistake we hv along e’ road of our marriage..may GOD bless our marriage n our effort towards his goodness. n as for me, i’m trying my best to be a good wife…but wif a hope luka lama x berulang lg!!

women is ez to forgive but not to forget..that is what happen to me too…being lie is really an ashamed n feel like an idiot but life n truth will never lies u..just face it n tackle in on your own style..either e’ best or bad ways is all up to u, urself. so do 1st i cant take it..i’ almost feel like crazy but when i’m more in awake n calm situation, i can think rationally n act wisely wif a guide frm HIM…

buat si DIA yg pandai berkata2 dihadapan n bermadah2 di alam maya…berpura2 like she knows n even understand everything i hv go thru…its really a BULLSHIT when she herself did not hold to her promise!! if before this i’m a bit admire of her understanding but now..i just hate her so much…a very good pretending human i ever met..its SUCK!! she don't even know what she is doing but she talks like she live than u longer n experience wif fire n somebody life n just not ethically good. so for those out there careful wif this kind of  species..what species am i talking about….pk lar sdiri coz i hv my own term already but its for me…only for me – if u all hv experienced it then u will know what to call it.

but i’m not solely blame her. for me it comes wif 2 heart wif e’ same character but might be wif diffnt intention…n same goes to me. i’m lack in so many things as a perfect wife  or may be i took everything wif granted without noticing a small mistake grow bigger n can lead to his kind of situation, but so do e’ other side..both of us need to change if we do really love n care about each other.

now i’m change and he also change..yes?? its a question about whether i’m believe or not, about time to put back my trust n about my instinct – to hv no more doubt n bad 3rd signal frm bottom of my heart ..AMIN. semuga dipermudahkan segala urusan ku ini.

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