Friday, July 1, 2011

HAPPY faces

this mng when i’m changing my desktop comp password due to some explore the control panel of my pc..went to personalization n desktop background…well in my heart while viewing e’ same old picture thumb of my niece, i feel bored. i need  a whole new session in my life…so i need changes…i need to see my loved one face all e’ time remind me that we hv each other n we STILL love each other too…yoooooooo. lets do it…browsing thru all the picture folder, i found the below pic….somewhere in last 2 yr, family day in cameron. its me n mr hub n also lil zahrien in e’ middle….in my mind (if lar itu anak aku sdiri..will it be as handsome as niece??) then i’m smiling…yes..he/she will be as handsome as pretty his/her parents lorrrrrrrrr….x kan org lain kot..if ada pun dpt ler tempias mak/pak sdara terdekat tu. hahaha. i love this picture because its so vibrant in color…n most important  we r SMILING…smile beb, coz it wont hurt u at all…smile to others, n they will smile back at u!!


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