Thursday, June 30, 2011


salam..ada amik any supplement utk kesihatan diri? erm dulu mmg x pernah amik pun..kalu ada pun cod fish oil – Scots emulsion brand tu jer..tujuannya utk kasi skin cantik skit..berminyak..coz i’m a type wif dry skin. after quite sometimes, i’m stop. but nowadays after consulting wif doc regarding my fertility prob, i’m in a mode of taking evening primrose oil as a daily supplement + acid folic.

well i guess everybody knows acid folic is for what let it be, but for EPO is for my PMS cycle yg agak truk for every 1st day. so after taking this 2 mths continuously, i can feel e’ difference…no more period pain n even sometimes i did not realize my period is coming…so GREAT to experience that after almost 20yrs of period cycle I'm having a very bad period pain all e’ time.

so this EPO i’m taking daily in e’ mng before went to office – either after or before breakfast..i think its fine. at e’ same time, currently i’m taking a maajun. this maajun is meant for my fertility prob too..wif hopes it repairs or boost up wateva needed for my health. this maajun is quite costly – rm25/bottle n content is only 90tablets with daily consumption is 6tablets/day. huhu, so it will last for 15days only ok….but for this purpose, juz give it a try. mr hub is e’ one who ask me to consume it frm his friend for me no harm at all to take coz its a traditional medicine – herbs n spices.


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