Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SIEM reap {part1}

salam..dah seminggu balik dr bercuti, tp krn kesibukan di tempat kerja n order gubahan yg berturut2 stiap minggu ni, membuatkan masa nak update blog terbantut jer…btw, ill try to record back all e’ memories visiting siem reap in this dearie blog of mine.


bertolak flight 7.05 n expecting to arrive around – 2hrs journey, 9am but 8am waktu sana – lambat sejam dr m’sia. so we arrive quite early…still mng time, however their day start early too…it was like sabah. 7 o’clock school n offices has started.


we took a van to send us to our budget hotel…yes its a budget hotel with so n so facilities – no water heater, no kettle, old type of bathroom…hahaha…its ok, e’ weather outside is already hot..no need all those things. however the room is big n comfy espc for both of my parents…for me n mr hub, e’ room at e’ 2nd level…

after check in, everybody is resting n taking their nap, but for me, mr hub n FIL..we waist no more time…we excuse ourself wif exploring e’ town by walking…gosh, the hot weather is really killing us..espc mr hub..half way walking, already sweat like shit..hehe, so we stop by to their 24hrs mini-mart to shop some drinks before heading fwd…we r looking for their muslim village, round n round n once a while asking e’ local, finally we met this tuk2 driver – “cari muslim village ker? or masjid?”

..us..alamak leh ckp melayu lar…nicenya. tersenyum kambing kami…n FIL “ya”…then sana, sini, belok, kiri n kanan..sampai ler…oooooo..rupa2nya dah x jauh. we walk along e’ red dusty road n stingy smell of drain along the village – erm wonder how they live in this kind of situation but i guess – poverty n low std cost of living must take into consideration…deep inside my heart, kembali bersyukur dgn apa yg aku milik skrg ni – negara malaysia!

we arrive at our destination – FIL has been to siem reap before n now again, he’d been here…stepping to muslim village for a 2nd time. we took a photos wif e’ kids play in the compound of mosque n all of them are friendly – they don't afraid wif strangers n they love smiling :-).  however e’ best thing is, they not begging…however wif open heart, we do donate 1usd to e’ group of kids n FIL give away hersheys choc frm his pocket – ada bawa lak tu…hehe.

DSC_0032              DSC_0034 DSC_0035

its almost lunch time…as we haven’t fill in our stomach, therefore we decided to take away nasi goreng frm the muslim restaurant available behind e’ mosque – waited for almost 1 hr for them to cook for 6..dui..lamanya!! i guess they not really ready. e’ nasi goreng cost us usd2/eaach…fuuh mahalnyer (rm6 gitu). however e’ taste does not suit me – it was like an indochina style of cooking..back to hotel we took tuk2 drive by e’ same person who show us e’ road to here – en nasir. here e’ tuk2 fare is 1usd for all e route w/in e’ small town..so very lucky for us since, our hotel is in e’ town.


back to our hotel, we had our lunch n as plan, we will climb up the hill nearby angkor wat to see e’ sunset frm e’ temple. earlier we hv book e’ van driver for our trip to angkor wat tomorrow n today – usd35 for 6 persons. but then left only 4 of us to visit e’ temple since my MIL having difficulties to walk a lot n therefore my FIL is accompany her. lucky my FIL has visited angkor ..if not he will be regretted…

noon we already at e’ entrance of angkor temple – waiting for e’ ticketing counter to open..so we choose 1 day visit only to all e’ temples – usd20/head. then we proceed to see the sunset nearby to bayon temple entrance.

DSC_0074reach there, as usual so many tourist plus e’ roadside seller selling all sorts of souvenir frm keychain, tourist guide books, pashmina/scarfs n etc…but i hv to ignore it all..if not mau pokai!! this is not a time to shop but to view n enjoy e’ scenery..so we proceed climb up e’ hill – which took about an hour goes up n down. poor my dad…hv to walk slow n steady but finally he manage to reach e’ hill same as we all. so many tourist waiting for e’ sunset but we not really waiting for it..coz it seems e’ sunset does not want appear much that day.

DSC_0077 DSC_0078 DSC_0087 DSC_0094

nite – we stop by at angkor night market for some shopping..lots of souvenir, scarfs, t-shirts n etc for kenang2an ler..me n mom bz looking for fridge magnet …hahaha..itu jer rasanya yg sesuai buat kenangan. tgh busy2 tgk barang mr hub hilang…sabar jer ar..payah btul dpt hubby yg x leh ikut bini pi shopping..so ni ler yg terjd. puas juga cari dia..dr agenda nak mencari brg dah tukar cari mr hub..tense!!


pastu kami pi cari mkn mlm..herm puas juga nak cari kedai mkn halal…so kami decide mkn kedai india – maharaja cafe for vegetarian only. however for their bread such as roti canai – mmg x sdap..it was like an instant one – keras…n here they use milk powder to make e’ drinks so mmg ler x sdap rasanya. DSC_0141 DSC_0145DSC_0146

then zzzzzzzz ..to be continue….

pictue will be uploaded later aaaaaaaaa.. ;) dah upload..enjoiceeeeeeee

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