Monday, June 27, 2011

i’ve LOST e’ ring

salam. OMG…is this e’ sign of my bad stories before this??? btw i’m realized e’ ring is not in my finger last monday mng…where does it slip? when? why i cant recall any moment of i’m taking it out frm my finger..dui. but at e’ moment nothing bad cross my mind but today it wakes me up..does it it a sign?? gosh..mcm tahyul ler plak nak percaya tp juz imagine e’ ring i lost is my wedding ring..not my engagement ring n not other ring (mcm byk sgt ring..2 ketoi tu jer lar .. :( n i really forgot where n when..what can i say must be lost it when i’m staying at ampang-my PIL house last weekend.

hoho..i hv to search for it..i must!! it was like i must save my marriage!!

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