Tuesday, June 21, 2011


very sad this past few days..my only transportation – car has broke down on last friday in front of pusat sns negara, otw back frm office heading to ampang- my inlaw house. actually last week mr hub supposed to hv laundry training in wangsa maju n me hv gubahan deco for my customer n need to be delivered at wangsa maju area too…but after this happen everything goes stuck in e’ house of ampang…sooooooooo SAD!!

i’m almost fall asleep in e’ car coz as usual on friday – road will be super jam since everybody want to go back early n fininsh of e’ weekdays of working wif entertainment..so e’ jam slowing down our movement..till e’ engine off himself. yoyo..we r in e’ middle lane lg…dunno wat to do..mr hub open e’ back bonet as a sign we hv a prob wif e’ car..lucky few minutes later there is a guy riding motorcycle stop by n ask our prob. then mr hub n him push e’ car while me handle e’ steering to move e’ car at e’ side of e’ road.

before that mr hub already call proton to ask for towing since that is e’ only suggestion proton say rite now. so we wait..me fasting n start to think where lar to pray since me n mr hub not yet perform our solat asar – pengajaran, solat jgn dilewatkan!! so mmg burn our solat asar n also maghrib since e’ towing lorry arrive almost 7 n way up to proton centre in bkt maluri is not so smooth too…we arrived 7.30pm..buka puasa atas lori tow dgn air kosong jer.

frm here we ask for my auntie help to fetch n send us to Ampang….n me inform my customer to selfpick-up e’ hantaran. lucky she’s ok with it…alhamdulillah bila org memahami.

e’ 2days me n mr hub spent almost e’ time in e’ house n what else to do when u r not at your own home – watch TV arr!! n both of us overdose of resting time…bdn pun naik lmah n malas tu menjadi. for info, my PIL is no more staying there, only my SIL.

monday when we back to our house n run our day back to normal even our car not around – lucky dear sista hv some appointment in KL, therefore we borrow her car to go to work n mr hub go to proton to inspect e’ details of what happen to our car n yet finally he called me to say that our car hv major repairs espc for engine n timebelt – n this cost us almost rm4k. DUI…..terduduk rasa dgr…sedihnya rasa..mana nak cekau duit bebanyak camtu..rasa duit buss part time abis byr repair keta jer..bonus yg nak masuk pun mcm dah x nampak nak spend kat mana..cuma ke arah tu jer..huwaaaa!!!

at e’ same time we try to ask for help frm our family..but it seems so hard for them to help..its remind me, when u r in trouble nobody will look at u n even ur siblings..e most will help u is only ur dear parents. yes..this is correct…all kind of excuses given..erm well this is world!! my siblings far away frm me while mr hub siblings is around here-KL but as i said earlier they hv their own agenda too…well i try to understand not to make it as abig prob even deep inside it juz like a week of miserable for me n mr hub. PASRAH.

actually lately ni byk dugaan which i hv to face..about my personal life n others too. my heart pounding strongly n i’m feel depressed once a while…sometimes i’m hopeless too. well no more complaints..life has to go on.

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