Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TRAVEL check-list

reminder for me yg jrg pi travel but will be often for this yr here some of the check list base on the categories as per below:

  • Before You Leave
    Make sure everything is going to be okay at home while you are gone.

ACTION-switch off main switch, lock all e’ doors, ensure all windows are close, unplug e’ gas connection, inform neighbour about my non-existence

  • Documentation Essentials
    These can take the longest to be ready, so start early. You cannot even get on a plane nowadays if you do not have your passport on you.

ACTION-renew passport (done), print out e-ticket for flight n hotel bookings n confirmation.

  • Clothing and Shoes
    You will not enjoy your trip if you don't have the proper outfit. Remember, some places you can buy what you need for less money than at home, if you have the time to do so.

ACTION – bring all e’ necessary make up n body care items, proper n suitable clothes n sandals/shoes to wear.

  • Toiletries
    Another biggie. If you need anything special and you are going somewhere it cannot be purchased, it can really ruin a trip.

ACTION – i guess basic one will be provided by almost all e’ hotel bring e’ extra2 one only/e’ favourite one which u can’t compromise to use other brand/no brand at all!!

  • Medical Supplies
    Some people would lump this in with toiletries, but I like it in its own section. Typically things that would go in a red emergency kit.

ACTION – basic only – oil axe brand (for headache) hehehe is always in my handbag.

  • Essentials
    These are must haves that don't really fit into the other categories. I always take flat duct tape for fixing stuff. Sunglasses fit in here as well.
  • Extras
    Same as Essentials except not as big a priority. Throw things in here that would be nice to pick up for the right price or a friend will let you borrow.

ACTION – depends on any circumstances n situation, if needed then bring..if not, put aside – don't make ur luggage heavy wif useless things!!

  • Food
    That is right. It is good to take along some snacks, vitamins, and protein bars to help you through some days where you do not have the time to eat or what there is to eat is not very appealing.

ACTION – lite food for arrival (might face wif difficulty to search for HALAL one!)

  • Photography Equipment
    This will appeal more to the photography crowd, but everyone will still take a camera. Make sure you do not have any down time with your camera because pictures is the biggest "souvenir" from your trip.

ACTION – is a must thing ever….change/charge e’ battery + extra memory card (over dose of shoot..haiyaaa)


so …sdiri add mana2 yg perlu utk personal checklist yer..above is a basic n accepted/practise by all. however enjoy ur HOLIDAY!!

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