Thursday, December 8, 2011

it comes again..AA promo

10 awesome years - another promo frm AA..huhu can i grab any of its? being asking myself since mng when my colleague told me about this...even mr hub do inform me about it n our plan to travel nxt yr..this is such a big opportunity again to travel cheap!!

however i hv a lot to think about...more things to come nxt yr..insyaallah wif ALLAH will my family is growing..we going to hv someone in our simple this is e' priority for e' time being. money is also a factor..erm lots of saving need to be done in this few mths coz lots of spending has been done this yr wif few times of traveling so not good to our financial few times of major repairs towards our beloved car..huhu. but past is past...i'm looking forward e' future wif more happiness n bright hopes.

so maybe for now i need to say BYE2 to this promo..n local vacation is much more enuf for 3 of us (AMIN). will catch another promo nxt coming season...tq AA for make it real n happening to both of us - me n mr hub.