Wednesday, December 21, 2011

my new SHOPping venue

salam…near to my housing area dah buka AEON Jusco shopping complex..alhamdullillah…after few mths of looking at e’ constructions site on the progress, finally its open e’ door to public officially on 19/12/11. it’s a 15min drive frm house doorstep so last nite only I hv e’ opportunity to give a visit to this mall. 1st me n my mom (kbetulan dtg for 1 week) drop in n later on follow by mr hub n my father.

well e’ mall is quite big with 100 tenants shop lot area n jusco store itself. so wandering around wif umi is so nice…bleh singgah2 tgk ladies me sempat masuk kedai NOSE, Primavera, Polo Haus n lastly is Popular bookstore. so I said to myself this mall will be my next tempat lepak wif mr hub n fren setaman spt Soy n Titah…coz mmg x jauh langsung n somemore ianya jalan laluan pergi balik kerja tiap2 hr. besides kalu nak bershopping brg2 branded pun dah x perlu ke kl or damansara…almost everything is available here. n I heard they will be a Cineplex opening soon in this jusco…Rolling on the floor laughing SUKERnya.


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