Monday, November 29, 2010

e’ TRIlogy – sensei

salam to all…selepas puas berusaha dgn cara homoeopathy kami tergerak ati nak try mkn medicine dr tabib cina – sensei gitu kata org melayu…actually this kind of treatments or chinese herb medicine has lot of times being talk by me n my chinese colleague, it just that not a rite time or in another words not yet feel wanna try..but when my successful mother to be BF is also taking this kind of medicines few mths b4 she’s grant wif e’ good news, she did try e’ chinese medicine.

this does not mean we give up wif homoeopathy ways…we still continue wif e’ medicines…coz for me homoeopathy medicine n chinese herbs is not contradict to each other…its not like modern medicine which is chemically content. some more if its good for our own health, y not juz continue…

after finish work last friday, we immediately move to our main destination – tong ren tang herbs shop in SS2 PJ. once i step in e’ shop..waaaa e’ smell of herbs struck direct to my nose. scared for a hubby straight to e’ point wif e’ shop assistant..we want to c e’ doc for our case. so we fill in form n wait for a while…my eyes scroll over e’ entire shop..neat n tidy…few people comes in n out purchase e’ medicine herbs. i can see they weighing all’ e herbs n pack for next procedure…still guessing this time.

m_25112010396 m_25112010394


suddenly my turns up, we go in n see e’ doc, however as i’m expected n being told by my BF, e’ doc is frm china therefore they cant speak, malay or even english..only we hv an interpreter for that….n we communicate thru her in certain terms in malay is hard to understand too for chinese, n once a while we laugh looking at each other – like ayam n itik gitu. but we manage to deliver n explain our purpose n prob of y we are here…. +/- lerr…then e’ doc write in chinese for our prob n prescriptions…fuuh mmg ler i’m not understand..however the assistant said my prob maybe bcoz of my egg is too its hard to happen…so e’ herbs will try to makes e’ egg a bit warm..hahaha!! kalakar bila dgr tp i respect e’ specialist opinion…n for me its not harm to try. coz ada logik juga frm her explanation.

m_25112010392 i’ll see this lady doc..

after finish with all e’ stroy mory between me, doc & e’ assistant, i’ll wait for the herbs prescription to be prepared. once finish, they show it to me..wah so many herbs…but i’m already ask for akar kayu/vege herbs jer not animal or anything related to liquor n they do understand…later they packed it to prepare for rebusan..tinggal minum jer i hv to come back tomorrow to collect the ready packs herbs drink.


prescription in chinese writing – mr hub kata amanina leh baca kut.. (my nephew)..hehehe

m_25112010397 e’ herbs..BYK giler..m_28112010416  herbs drink..hitem gelemat..n yg dlm pack tu slps direbus mrk siap2 pack kan utk sekali nya drink…so 1 pack 1x drink ha….dui what can i say about e’ taste – fuuh bercinta rasanya nak minum tp utk kesihatan telan juga ler…pahit, kelat semua pun ada tp mrk siap bekalkan asam utk kasi ilang rasa dr tekak slps minum herbs tu..tocei2..all this herbs cost me rm85++ n fee for doc is rm20

herbs drink ni i kena minum 2 pack sehari..1/2 hrs before or after eat…e’ gap to ensure bkn food yg i telan tu yg absorb e’ herbs tp my body..tu yg kena 1/2 hr before or after having e’ heavy meal…

so untill today when i’m wrote this…already left 5 more packs to go..after that i have to go n c them again..c what's is the next step or medicines need for me.

*** a few days more to go utk bercinta dgn herbs drink ni…dui..tahan n sabo..ubat mana yg manis?? cuba jawab…

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