Thursday, November 25, 2010

INSPIRA…our nation inspiration

its a free weekend..saturday full wif housework, cleaning all e' household mess n sunday is a relaxing time. so we went to visit my parents in-law in sepang. while were there, me, hubby n FIL hv decided to take a look on e' new proton car being talk about - INSPIRA. im really not into it but still want to view another proud nation car. Y not kan....

m_14112010383 m_14112010381 m_14112010382

e’ one we hv a look is 1.8 jer…not 2.0 wif leather seat, then u can really compared with mitsubishi lancer…coz in terms of its outer design, its e’ same. my hubby mmg minat ler bertanya even we r not planning to hv add car at this time. hehehe

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