Friday, November 12, 2010

SOFA arrived…

actually dah 1 week plus my sofa is ready n arrived!! finally after waiting for almost 8 working days even at first they promised 10-14 working days to complete it this is GOOD!

however a next day after we made a booking, they did call us to inform that e’ sofa cover materials we want has finished. so sad…I've choose dark brown in order to avoid ez stain obviously appear. but now we had to choose e’ cream white colour to replace it, coz its e’ only materials n design i like….so here is my sofa!! hv to like it coz money has been invest on forcedly!!


for e’ time being i juz mix n match dgn apa yg ada jer…lots of things need to change coz almost 7 yrs of marriage we do nothing for our house..dah its time to let go n pass e’ old but still in good conditions to my newly wed brother. so glad, u started life wif lots of help frm ur SIS ni…hahaha!!

**nak cari sofa cleopatra lak utk mix kan area tu…OK ker??

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