Friday, November 26, 2010

IKAN BAKAR @ jln bellamy

having lunch outside on weekend is not a practice but still we do everytime we went out for window-shopping. after tiring of  window shopping @ plaza GM n Plaza City One, we decide to hv our lunch at jln bellamy, looking fwd for ikan bakar terubok daaa...dah lama teringat nak mkn tp slalu cari kat pasar mlm x i take this opportunity to eat it.

this ikan bakar jln bellamy is located near to back entrance of istana negara, alex smith school n also biro tatanegara office. the' stall  i went to is Seri Menanti. its open daily n closed only on sunday n public holidays..they even open at nite frm 7-11pm. n e' most peak hours is everyday during lunch time....quite difficult to get a seat too.

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what we eat?? ikan terubok bakar seekor, sehiris ikan pari bakar, nasi puth 2 pinggan+ sayur campur, laici-kang, air barli ais = rm30…ok tak?? ok ler kan…if not kat umah mau spend byk masa nak menyiang membakar ikan2 tu…so save masa, spend $$ lar plak..

***definitely puas ati dpt lepas hajat mkn ikan bakar terubok..sedap berlemak gitu…

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