Sunday, October 9, 2011

berTANDANG raya

again about raya open house..this time its an invitation frm my old schoolmate wile we were in secondary school in JB – Sek Men Tasek Utara, used to call her Wi..she’s a beautiful slim girl wif a perfect body like model.. adore her for that point..

never thought in a life I will met her again..after almost 18yrs haven’t met..lucky Fb is connecting people n for sure me n her again..n others. thanx to Fb for that work done!!

so here is Wi..thanx Wi for e’ invitation..never know when we will meet up again. e’ food is nice esc e’ carrot cake – my fav lol!! it just that me n hubby quite full to hv taste all e’ dishes. however we do come n celebrate ur OH kan…


n finally my officemate OH in subang…Nini. me really enjoying e’ food there frm nasi ayam, nasi impit wif sambal kacang, mee bandung, roti jala wif kuzi ayam n side dishes..all sedap..amaklum me n mr hub really wait till lunch hr for that invitation so that we can eat all e’ menu prepared…haha jahatkan..dah ler dtg tgn kosong lg siap kan perut kaw2 kosong…huhu..nasihat dr fadzilah kamsah jemputan OH tu kalu bleh bawa ler buah tgn mmg x mlekat kat hati nak dipraktikkan pun…itu ler aku..yg baik payah beno nak jd amalan..yg x baik cepat menyerap di otak ni.

cuba tgk..byk wo menunya…yg merah2 tertampal tu bkn tanda rega yer..nama menu sebenor2nya.


when we arrived few of my colleagues already there enjoying e’food – zilan, sheau wei n for sure jaja n family –sara e’ comel daughter. they r so good guest..punctual all e’ time espc bab mkn2 kot….haha Smile..jgn mare..


n finally my pic wif e’ little sara..habibah maisara e’ full name (bila amik gambar mesti wif e’ peace sign (2 finger up tu…haha)


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