Monday, October 17, 2011

intai2 warna CERIA kamar

weekend is e’ most waiting day among other days..believe me..its a resting time wif a fun activities of ours..n i believe same goes to others out there. me n mr hub would love to experiment things during our free time such as cooking, gardening n for few last weekend we plan for painting our room. me was given e’ opportunity to choose e’ color n i love pink but it seems not fair to mr hub..e’ color so feminine..therefore i try to find soft color fall under both of us liking – purple lavender/ we go..we choose lite n contrast one for e’ feature wall.


i wish our room will be like those any one of the pictures below..can ah??? hehehe in my dreams…all those pictures has been touch up wif lighting n what so call photoshop editing to show e’ best n nicer view only, PLUS e’ furniture is super new n gorgeous…envy deh!!

image image

so e’ outcome is as below….huhu…jd ker?

01102011819DSC_1275 DSC_1415DSC_1419

apa2 pun thanx to mr hub yg berpenat lelah mengecat tp credit x bleh bg sepenuhnya coz masa ni blum siap habis mengecat smua..ada few wall yg masih x bercat…huhu

**(biasa ler..kerja ikut mood n kaw rangkuman luas maka..masa hangat2 tu mmg bila dah cool down..nak perhabis mcm org berchienta..payah giler!! TENSE dah masuk 3 weeks terbengkalai kes ni..camna..nampak gaya aku ler kena perhabis n push mr hub utk menamatkan adengan conteng menconteng ni, tools smua terperuk selonggok kat living area atas…huuh)

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