Saturday, October 8, 2011

ITALYian dishes..

as per informed earlier for our little invitation cum small open house – we hv decided to hv an italian e’ menu are fettuccini carbonara, spaghetti Bolognese, pizza, fruit cocktail n ribena as a drink. simple only….but almost end of e’ day I still need to fried some bee hoon due to my fettuccini finish before my indian fren-MANI is coming….she not eating meat that is e’ reason y I’m preparing e’ menu (my 1st trial too) but e’ menu get a great sambutan frm e’ guest…finish early… hehe n huhu at e’ same time bleh? kena masuk dapur again n masak…lucky I hv seafood pizza to top up wif e’ fried bee-hoon…huhu ksian my dear fren Mani..sorry for e’ simple dish.

however me forgot to snap a picture for all my dishes prepared that day…well hv few but in blur captions…tiring of cooking lead me to no mood to do all e’ photography session..rather to sit down n chit chat wif my guest n entertain them…lg bagus n afdal slalu kuar masuk dapur..basuh membasuh apa yg patut…if not sapa mau buat…ha kjang kaki for advice if buat open house mmg ler patutnya org pakai polisterine/paper plate yeerk.. Smile


guest start coming around 3pm after friday prayer n finish at night around 11pm..lucky its my still ok…coz do not hv to entertain them much…juz play a lot wif my nieces…

so this is my 2011 menu invitation for raya….erm bleh ar, but at last I realize I’m not even test e’ fettuccini carbonara…hwa..wa..wa Sad smile… herm x per ar..yg penting tetamu dpt mkn..n makanan cukup…tuan umah nak mkn buat smula yerk.

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