Friday, October 14, 2011

superliscious SUBway

hi..having dinner is a common activity in our daily life n as for me n mr hub..we hv nothing much to eat for dinner in our crib..fried rice/fried beehoon/fried kuey teow or fried macaroni..all is fried..fried n fried. bosan kan..tetiba tekak trasa nak mkn something diffnt ..lite n simple yet minta mr hub brought me to e’ curve..saja nak cuci mata n santai2 while deciding what to after pray we decide to hv subway as our dinner…

this super best burger was introduce by my colleague thru e’ free voucher – buy 1 free 1..if not till now x pernah nak try mkn..coz e’ price super mahal too..but nowadays if i try to reconsider back wif its ingredient n price…yeah..affordable n worth it. fresh n so many salads n sauces can be choose a greedy person pun x per masa select e’ ingredients tu..peduli apa kan


haha as usual, me choose e’ 6 inch while mr hub that long is not enuf for his super big stomach (haha..jgn mare dear!!) so he took footlong….amik ko…muat ker perut tu??? huhu me look at e’ burger..sadisnya..pjg giler rase..nak telan mcm x cukup muat jer tekak..torture nak nganga luas2 n mkn masa nak kasi perhabis wooo..however not for mr hub (guys..ler katakan..mkn kuat)..habis daa…fuyooo skelip mata dah sendawa kekenyangan. good bebeh..syukran u can finish it up w/out a waste. caya lar!!


besides e’ superb fresh burger i do like their cookies – nyum..nyum..even dah masuk angin..still sdap..n sometimes i thought it was meant to be like that even dah x crispy..lg sdap bila masuk angin..hahaha..crazy me. hv no worry to keep it in air-tight container pun but still delicious.

have 1 more coupon buy 1 free 1 frm star to redeem it b4 expired end of this mth – oct’11. i LIKE!!

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