Wednesday, April 20, 2011

e’ HIJAAB style

i’ve been searching for these videos since quite sometime..but since you tube has been block frm my office therefore its has limited me to only search for it when i’m at home. so weekend is the best time to explore e’ web till anytime….suka ati ler sampai bila pun nak ngadap computer kan, espc when mr hub not around, x byk obligation need to i’m enjoying watch this video n learn e’ details.

actually i hv few pashmina bought during my uni time n also bought frm india by my BIL (steward kan..) which i’m still keeping it nicely in a plastic bag. tetiba kuar musim shawl try arr if bole pakai dgn pashmina2 tu..coz pashmina is a bit wider n larger compared to shawl.

search n search jumpa ar video dr magic shawl…byk part i guess this 3 yg most common ways n material going to used by me. hopefully its really help ME!!

ha..yg bwh ni video frm overc..its shows on how to wear hijaab yg lebih panjang n lebar..well this style can be used for pashmina ladies.

n finally this is my attempt wearing shawl style hijaab…..wearing it during my hubby customer daughter wedding at kelab golf rahman putra – sg buloh. this unique shawl is frm my grandmother..hv been keeping it for a long time. design tudung org dulu2…material kain kasa berkualiti tinggi wo..if not mana nak thn sampai skrg kan..

IMG_0689 IMG_0682 


kasi mr hub interframe skali….

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