Wednesday, April 20, 2011

mr HUB besday


been planning for this a week 1st nothing to enjoy, but after lots of thinking..need for this since its has been a long time we haven't get time n opportunity to pampered ourselves in wateva ways…so i guess e’ best way is by indulging us wif foods in a good environment n ambience!! some more its mr hub birthday n its SATURDAY!!

e’ birthday is on friday (15/4)…since we are working therefore celebration is after working hour only…i pass the small gift friday morning n whisper a birthday wish to him...guess its enuf for e’ day.

small gift?? yes it is a small gift in a small box..this is something precious to him after being wearing our wedding watch for almost 8 yrs without failure, now its time for e’ watch to stop servicing my hubby…almost 1 mth mr hub not wearing any watch even we have replace the battery 2 times but still…its not working anymore..i guess its tired already. tik tok..tik tok jer jarum dia non-stop so now dah rebel forever!! frm that moment i realize its time for me to giv something to mr hub…coz i’m not a kind of person love to celebrate any event n some more to spend…(haha..typicall accounts people –

so 2 days before mr hub besday..i went to shopping mall after work. hv to lie to him since he is e’ one who has to come pick me up frm work coz we only hv 1 precious car to share wif in this world of us. 1 is enuf..!! enter e’ mall n hurry up looking for watch shops…huh got only three shops in e’ entire medium size mall….huhu..but its ok..its help me to cut my time short in surveying e’ price n brand..coz i dont hv any particular brand in my mind except for e’ price..hahaha..yes price. must hv budget, cannot simply spend..use ur $ wisely..if not susah kmudian hr lar.

so pass by this wata time shop..hoho..frm outside i can see this shop only selling very2 famous n expensive branded watch so better not to go in..waste of time jer. so proceed further…next citychain!! being treated well by e’ salesperson however it does not get me enuf coz e’ brand offered is not up to my taste…so excuse me…in my mind wow..clock is ticking, almot 6.30 already but i still does not hv any watch to grab yet…ok went to 3rd n last shop in e’ mall….time2time watch shop. well treated too n feel like more friendly..suka..not bcoz e’ salesperson is a man but org kita (melayu)..coz bahasa2 jam ni mmg ler x pandai bila dpt yg peramah..byk ler leh soal..even stupid question but still a knowledge to me.

frm this purchase i got to know e’ two term “FAHIONable watch” n “watchMAKER'” – eg fashionable watch is guess, elle, a/x n etc..watchmaker is casio, tissot, tag heur n etc…tp apakan daya, watchmaker price is for sure expensive n very good qlty but me w’ ciput budget juz go for fashionable watch which is FOSSIL jer…tp apa2 pun den puas ati n mr hub suka!!! hehehe


then friday we cont e’ partying….went to cineleisure damansara, for movie RIO..heheh cartoon pun jd lar coz frm my booking , there is no interesting movie that weekend…enjoy watching espc mr hub even we arrived late n the booking ticket burn, however still manage to grab nice seat for new purchase of ticket.


finish..jenjalan jap kat e’ curve coz mmg x pernah betul2 jejak e’ curve mall before this..most of e’ time we prefer to go to ikea for house shopping. so take this opportunity to window shopping here. mr hub having some relaxation moment at rest n relax – massage jap!!


later on we having our luch at BUBBA GUMP SHRIMP CO.16042011377


our food is ok…n drinks is awesome…am i going to come here once again?? no coz i’m not a shrimp lover coz 60% of e’ menu is shrimp. m_16042011625 m_16042011629 m_16042011631

so we end e’ day around 5pm…

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