Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SABAH bwh bayu..

ni citer lama...sblm start berblogging...
1st time visit to sabah
tp still nak catat kenangan indah tu dlm my lurve blog...actually i went there to visit my PIL who has moved to KK when my FIL get promoted n berpindah ke sini. we went there for 4days n 3 nite...we are lucky since we flew there using MAS cheap fare - rm400++ for both of us back n forth. cheap is it?? so y not...accomodation is provided..pocket money is e' only concern.

Visited Places
Kundasang mount kinabalu takes around 1 hr to reach that place. we off early frm house in order to capture good view of e' kinabalu peak frm e' site. along e' way i saw a lot of churchs signboard at every village we pass seems every village hv their own church. after reach n snap few photos, we stop over for brunch at nearby village restaurant. then we shop some vege at kundasang roadside market...later heading towards kundasang kinabalu hotel. cantik view dr sana utk lihat puncak kinabalu. on e' way back singgah jap tgk jambatan tamparuli..nothing much, it just a bridge name over e' tamparuli small town..

2nd DAY - me n hubby gor for island hopping...e' fare is rm17/person for 1 tuah kami dpt ler singgah 2 island n could be more, but due to time limit, we just visit this 2 island jer...frm land to island is around 30min amat memuaskan. however makanan n minuman kat pulau mmg ler saya dah prepare skit larr.
pulau gaya - mmg cantik n water clear blue gitu...ikan leh nampak dr jeti...ramai org snorkelling but not for us since x prepare extra baju pun..nak duk santai2 n relax2 jer...n not to forget main2 air laut..kmudian kami ke pulau manukan pula....kat situ kami stay agak lama...main air lebih lama lg....hehehe suka gitu..

evening time pergi tgk sunset kat putatan...nice view n nice sunset...bkn snang nak tgk time sunset ni..certain2 place jer leh dpt view mcm we are not to miss e' opportunity.

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