Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GEL–EYE liner


this is another video i got it while looking on how to wear hijaab video…i love to keep it as a guide since last yr I'm started to wear this gel eyeliner. i learn it frm my dear sis ZARIDA@IEDA  n its really take me a guts to try…coz at 1st u can run out of patient…to make sure its nicely n clean draw to your eyes….fuuh…finally i got the tricks later on frm my nephew…haha..bebudak lak ajar den. bagus2!! x kisah, ilmu tu x semestinya dr yg tua jer kan…if budak remaja ni do it better..kira bagus lar dpt menurun dgn mrk..coz they are in e’ age of love the exposure to try.

however if i’m wearing it, i still not knowing how to do lentik2 kat ujung tu…so video ni ajar skit..cuma agak pantas n kurang close up part tu….erm need to look for another video ni :)

as for me i’m juz go for any brand – cheap one is ok for me coz i’m lucky (SYUKUR sgt..) dont hv any allergic towards those cheap material gel eyeliner. so i juz bought it frm sinma – its cost me rm9.00 for 1.  bulu gel dia mnyenangkan kerja utk melukis kat mata tu..bulunya lebih stif…tp agak susah nak basuh juga coz dia jd berkeping2 bila kering  which means its hard to remove n its really water proof..so bila nak solat…puas ler kena tenyeh yer…hahaha!!

03042011579 03042011577my 1 st purchase is frm AVON brand..murah gak tu – rm19.90 tp bulunya lembut sampai susah nak mlukis kat mata..dui, seksa u!  tp usahakan juga sampai jd…so sblm beli yg kat atas tu..taram ler yg ini n lg satu ianya lambat kering tp mudah utk dibasuh…really ez..kena ujan mau cair kot gel liner tu.

03042011575 03042011574

22012011500 this is my eyes using the gel eye liner..nampak tak?? hehe mmg x obvious langsung coz this pic was not meant to focus on it pun..simply grab mana2 pic while i’m using it..x per..will upload another pic nxt time when its really focusing on e’ used of gel eyeliner. maybe dah terer skit ko by e’ time.     

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