Saturday, April 2, 2011

HUSBANDless ….again

hehe..again today i’m husbandless…though mr hub did ask to follw him but i’m refused as for me i hv nothing to do except staying almost all e’ time in e’ hotel room…so membazir kan…duk umah byk kerja leh jd n siap…kemas mengemas mmg wajib ler..lg snang bila x der org…x terkejar2 nak buat itu n ini…i juz like it!!!

so the plan for today is to kemas ground floor – kitchen-done!!, living n dining hall-done!! so then goes to 1st floor : bedrooms n family area….huhu not yet done n not even touch anything yet….lots of things in my head actually..but time is a constraint coz I'm doing it all alone so, tired larrr… hv to take it slowly.

BTW, while doing e’ spring cleaning juz now, i hv found my treasure woven basket..which full of soft toys collected during my study n in LOVE time with mr hub…belek2, sempat lar imbas lik memori dulu…hahaha klakar lak..dulu suka pi mcD coz nak soft toys mrk i will go for kiddy meals jer n for my man, of course not lar meals lar..i’m a small eater so kiddy meal juz nice + toys to make me happy!! hahaha, however e’ toys not a lot but its always help me to entertain my nieces even a boy.what else is in my house since i’m not hv any kids yet, so no toys to play for….

02042011569 02042011570  mr hub pernah tanya mana nak letak all these toys today i’m deciding to put it all in our “WHITE room” yg dah susah2 mr hub tampal wallpaper as per our wish!!  even e’ room not completely finish e’ deco…its ok…sikit2 lama2 siap lar…TQ my love!!

            30012011523  30012011522

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